You vs. Wild – Season 1


Digital Media Management partnered with Netflix as the social media agency on their interactive series, You vs. Wild, starring survival expert Bear Grylls. We aimed to highlight the cutting-edge, interactive elements of the series and provide a comprehensive promotional toolkit for Bear Grylls and the Netflix social channels.



Our first big beat of the campaign was announcing the series’ arrival to Netflix. We took users through an exciting journey on YouTube, mimicking the series’ cutting-edge technology with interactive end cards, and putting the show’s announcement in users’ hands. Throughout the campaign we continued to recreate the interactive experience of the show on social using engaging Instagram stories, Twitter threads, and episode guides.

We created custom video content with Bear throughout the launch period to entice fans and play on social conversation points. Because of our platform-specific, native approach, we were able to position You vs. Wild as a standout property for both Bear and Netflix. Additionally, we were able to capitalize on crossover opportunities to create content with Bear and the cast of Netflix’s No Good Nick.


By creating assets for use primarily on Bear’s personal channels, we were able to tap into his brand and differentiate You vs. Wild from his other television series. Through the creation of a unique voice and look & feel for the You vs. Wild assets, fans were able to understand that this was a new interactive show, and that it was entirely different from anything else they’d ever seen. This focus on entertaining fans who were already our target demo lead to over 1M YouTube views, 1.3M social views, and 240K+ social engagements.



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