HUGE in France – Season 1

Starring French comedian Gad Elmaleh, DMM activated Gad’s French base while introducing him to a new demographic of U.S. fans


Digital Media Management partnered with Netflix as the social media agency on the first season of HUGE in France, starring French comedian Gad Elmaleh. Our strategy aimed to activate Gad’s French base and general comedy fans to evangelize the show, while also introducing him to a new demographic of US fans.



DMM was tasked with establishing HUGE in France’s social presence on Instagram and Twitter and producing social content that would reflect the sarcastic, self-aware tone of the show. To set a cohesive look-and-feel, we developed a modern aesthetic across our creative inspired by the typography and stylings of Jean Luc Godard. We also adopted an internet-native voice on our channels, reflecting the majority of US viewers who were not yet familiar with Gad.

To introduce French and US audiences to a new Gad, we developed content series that explored the contrast between his fame and anonymity. By displaying his signature charm in a new light, we were able to entertain existing fans with content that felt fresh yet familiar. At the same time, we introduced new audiences to his comedy with the show’s self-deprecating moments. We also created a series of highlight clips to showcase the comedy of the show and elevate notable guest stars like Chris D’elia and Jerry Seinfeld.


Netflix and the HUGE in France showrunners were thrilled with the execution of the campaign. Our approach to creative, voice, and tone, put the show’s best qualities on display, allowing its humor and wit to speak for itself. Our content generated 1.5M impressions, 45K engagements, and 278K video views. By highlighting the best scenes and featuring notable guest stars, we were able to speak directly to existing and potential fans, leading to 37.4K engagements on video content alone. Providing talent with custom asset kits also proved successful, allowing us to activate both French and US audiences, turning them into advocates for the show.

1.5 M


287 K

Video Views