Busy Tonight

Creating an open-door policy for fans into the world of the female-led late night show Busy Tonight with hostess Busy Philipps


Digital Media Management was thrilled to partner with E! Entertainment as the social media and creative agency for the launch of its female-led late night show, Busy Tonight. We set out to create a social media marketing campaign that gave the audience an open-door policy into the world of host Busy Philipps and Busy Tonight. Our video production team created exclusive, innovative content for YouTube and social. Our socials became an extension of Busy Philipps’ unique approach to late night, which was inviting, intimate and like a week-long slumber party.



We set out to match the show’s authenticity on social, while also capturing Busy Philipps’ established internet persona. This allowed us to draw in her audience, building a dedicated fan base from the start. We brought Busy Tonight to life through highlighting moments in both bite-size and long form video clips, creating custom design pieces that translated the show to social memes. Our video production team coordinated real time, intimate talent captures and native to platform exclusives, allowing fans unfiltered access to Busy Tonight.


At the end of the social campaign, we generated over 269K total followers across all networks, 175K of which were on Instagram. We also saw 2.21M total responses to our posts, 55M video views and 129M impressions. We saw growth in activity, engagement, and followers on Instagram specifically due to a shift in tone and a focus on more natively “insider” posts. We were able to utilize custom, exclusively-captured pieces that were specific to Busy, emphasizing topics like nostalgia and feminism, to solidify a connection with our fans.


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