Season One of E!’s LADYGANGTV

Partnering with E! Entertainment to bring the LADYGANG's magnetic podcast to life on social platforms


When the LADYGANG made their television debut after amassing a large fanbase through their podcast, DMM was tasked with implementing a social media strategy that would both attract the LADYGANG podcast fans and recruit a new television audience. Our team of TV social media strategists partnered with E! Entertainment to bring the LADYGANG’s magnetic podcast to life on social platforms with dynamic creatives, partnering with talent for promotional initiatives, and personable community management. Our social channels became an extension of the LADYGANG podcast community: inclusive, relatable, and laugh-out-loud funny.


We wanted to capture the LADYGANG’s distinctly unfiltered voice and build a community around it. This allowed us to draw in their audience, kicking off the LADYGANG TV socials with a dedicated fan base from the start. The LADYGANG community flourished as we highlighted the show in long-form video clips, custom design pieces, “memed” iconic moments, and chatted with fans in real-time. We coordinated behind the scenes content with talent, grabbing intimate captures and on-set exclusives, providing fans with unfiltered access to LADYGANG TV.


At the end of the social campaign, we garnered over 64.3K total followers across all networks  24.4M video views and 67.3M impressions. We saw growth in activity, engagement, and followers on Instagram and Twitter specifically through focusing on talent and the topics fans talked about most. We were able to utilize custom-captured pieces that were specific to each member of the LADYGANG, while emphasizing topics like friendship, celebrities, and womanhood to foster a community with our fans.