Queen America – Season 1

Thrilled to partner with Facebook Watch to launch one of its first original shows, Queen America, engaging audiences in the pageant world


Digital Media Management was thrilled to partner with Facebook Watch as the social media and creative agency for the launch of one of its first original shows, Queen America. We aimed to bring a realistic portrayal to life in the pageant world through our creatives, developing a social atmosphere that stayed as true and authentic as it did on screen. Our content was designed to reflect the biting sarcasm, quick wit and real-life ideology that every day is a beauty pageant, whether you’re in the pageant world or not.


We set out to treat the social media channels as premium entities that matched the caliber of production, the cast (including Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta Jones) and the pageant universe that Queen America represented. We brought the world to life through video series like “Vicki’s Venom,” which highlighted pageant Coach Vicki’s most provocative and biting moments, and “Bedazzled Bible Belt” design assets, which visibly showcased the show’s glamourous-yet-gritty dichotomy. Additionally, we worked regularly with talent, hosting Instagram activations and Q&A’s to enhance both their profiles as well as the shows’.


At the end of the social campaign, we generated over 252K followers on Facebook, a dedicated Facebook Group of 12K followers, and 20K followers on Instagram. Episodes aggregated over one million views each, giving fans an even deeper glimpse inside of the pageant world, making every element of the show as real as it was meant to be.