Fuller House – Season 4


Digital Media Management was excited to be Netflix’s social media agency partner on Fuller House’s fourth season. We aimed to reinvigorate the show’s social presence, targeting a broader demographic and implementing new talent initiatives. Our content was designed to reflect the youthful, funny voice of the show’s die-hard fans, the Fannerinos, through a redefined tone and never-before-seen talent content.



Our social media campaign set out to unite both generations of Fuller House fans: fans of the legacy show, and newer, younger fans who discovered the Tanners through Netflix. Our intention was to create social media content series that resonated with each set of fans, while also bringing a new Internet-native voice to the channels to revitalize them, ensuring they fit in with the larger Netflix social landscape. By creating a perfect mix of heartwarming and Internet-savvy content, we aimed to better unite fans across generational lines.

We also wanted to bring the beloved cast to the fans in an unprecedented way. We aimed for both talent and brand channels to be the exclusive key holders of all things Fuller House to provide fans with content they couldn’t find anywhere else, making the experience for fans all the more exciting.


At the end of the streaming show’s social media campaign, we earned over 231K and 860K organic new followers to the Fuller House social channels and talent social channels respectively. We saw huge growth in activity, engagement, and followers due to a shift in tone and a focus on interactive story content. Unprecedented and innovative content such as our interactive baby shower Instagram Story takeover, trivia games with the cast, and intimate fan videos for holidays such as New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving, drove extremely high engagement. Ultimately, we built a new, Internet-savvy presence for the Fuller House accounts to tap into our younger digital native audience, priming the invested Fannerinos for everything Season 5 has to offer.