Homecoming – Season 1


DMM partnered with Amazon Prime Video as the social media and community management agency for Homecoming to develop and execute a social media marketing campaign for its high-priority mystery-thriller starring Julia Roberts in her very first TV role.



DMM was tasked with bringing the slow-building mystery behind Homecoming to life across all social media channels through suspenseful, ominous copy and community management that personified main character Heidi Bergman’s voice. Part of our world-building included seeding exclusive content on Reddit and leveraging the star power of creator Sam Esmail. We also used our expertise in social content captures to produce a series of immersive Instagram Stories at L.A./NYC experiential activations that mirrored the patient experience at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center.


DMM amplified Homecoming’s widespread critical and consumer acclaim across social media channels, culminating in multiple Golden Globes and Critic’s Choice Award nominations for the series and in key acting categories. Additionally, Amazon revealed the series was one of its Top 2 most binged-watched Original Series worldwide in 2018.