Journeying to a world of pure imagination with Wonka’s wacky, whimsical social media campaign.


Every good thing in this world started with a dream. DMM partnered with Warner Bros. to craft a social media campaign behind the sweet origin story of Willy Wonka. We brought the film’s core themes of innovation and magic to dreamers of all ages, with sweetly crafted creatives, a whimsical tone of voice, and a platform presence that blended newness with the perfect dose of nostalgia.



Our creatives were crafted with the perfect blend of wackiness, imagination, and delight to reflect the film’s charismatic characters and gravity-defying moments. From a Wacky Wonka Candy Guide to a vibrant phone reminder to recharge your imagination, each creative left fans craving more. 

We brought the marvelously magical presence of Wonka to socials with a fan-first approach to community management. Our efforts tapped into the nostalgia of previous Wonka fans who were excited to see this new iteration, Timothée’s passionate followers, and those who enjoy family films.  To reach the dreamers, believers, and inventors across the social landscape, we showcased our partnerships with brands like Converse, Dolby, Looney Tunes, iHOP, and many, many, more. This combination created one deliciously delightful fandom that uplifted the film throughout the campaign and into the sustain period!

Our Instagram Stories transported our followers to all the magical Wonka activations, screenings, and premieres taking place across the globe. These ingredients combined whipped up a sweet showcase of both nostalgic and new creations of our chocolate-crazed, imaginative fan base, further strengthening our wondrous community.


Sweet tooths were satisfied in the 2023 holiday season as Wonka soared to #1 Worldwide opening weekend! Our social media campaign generated over 66.2M impressions across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, 7.5M cross-platform engagements, and over 114M views on TikTok. With our dash of cheeky creatives and sprinkle of playful platform management inviting users to the world of Wonka, the fan reception on social media was oh-so sweet!