Soaring into adventure with a dynamic social campaign for Universal Pictures & Illumination Entertainment’s newest animated film.


Digital Media Management (DMM) partnered with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment for the adventure of a lifetime – the social campaign for their latest animated feature, Migration! To enter migration mode, we introduced audiences to the Mallards and invited them to become part of our hilarious and loveable family. As they flew with us, we emulated the film’s themes of embracing the journey and taking risks throughout our social strategy. We splashed, we quacked, and we maintained the infectious, positive energy of the Mallards as we flocked to theaters.

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As we set our sights on our destination, we focused on family to guide our campaign strategy’s north star. We aimed to engage parents and their kids, as well as exploring the myriad of dynamics within a family unit to entice viewers to purchase tickets. We rooted our creative concepts in this objective and established our social tone of voice geared towards this target audience. While we highlighted our brilliant flock, our creative content also strove to match the gorgeous animation in the film, with a splash of our own social-focused flare.

As we took to the skies, we drew fans in with creatives that illustrated all the fun they would discover on Mallards’ family adventure. By focusing on the vibrant visuals and dynamic text, we emphasized the action audiences would experience on this journey. We showcased the characters’ punchy personalities via snappy one-liners and high-energy moments to help followers get to know our flock. When brought together, these creative elements showcased the heart of everything our family and film had to offer.

New and seasoned adventurers alike were brought under our wing as they soared alongside us. For our social tone of voice, we leaned heavily into the family-friendly, road trip humor of the film, avoiding foul language but embracing fowl language. That didn’t mean jumping on every duck pun, but instead, we embodied the characteristics of each Mallard, with Pam’s optimism and positivity at the forefront.

We also had the opportunity to expand our flock by targeting fans of the film’s talent which included Elizabeth Banks, Kumail Nanjiani, Danny DeVito, Awkwafina, and Keegan-Michael Key. We further intrigued audiences by crossing over with the biggest fandom in the world – Swifties. Timed to the Eras Tour film’s premiere, Migration’s second trailer debuted Out of the Woods (Taylor’s Version) ahead of the singer’s 1989 album rerecording release. We welcomed Taylor Swift fans who flew to our socials to react with open arms and amplified their excitement, by teasing them with clever copy that gave a wink and a nod to the fandom.


As we reached our destination, Migration soared to 52.4M engagements and 4.5M impressions across Facebook, X, Instagram, and TikTok. Whether you were a Gwen, a Dax, a Pam, a Mack, or even an Uncle Dan, our film had something for the whole family. From the pond, to the city, to Jamaica, to the big screen, we captured the heart and humor of pure family fun during the holiday season.