Quiz Lady

Capturing sisterhood one trivia question at a time with a hilarious social media campaign for 20th Century Studios’ Quiz Lady.


Get ready to flex those brain muscles because it’s time for Can’t Stop The Quiz! Digital Media Management teamed up with 20th Century Studios on the social media campaign for Quiz Lady, starring Awkwafina, Sandra Oh, and Will Ferrell. Our team was tasked with crafting social creatives that not only brought out the film’s uproarious comedy but also broke away from overly stylized, dynamic designs in favor of more organic content. We incorporated trending TikTok formats to shine the spotlight on our incredible cast, while ensuring that every piece of content resonated organically on each platform - making Quiz Lady a must-see streaming experience with your best friends and family!


Our primary goal for this campaign was to spotlight the themes of sisterhood and the funny antics that our leading ladies encountered on their outrageous adventure. To achieve this, we leveraged engaging TikTok formats like “Things My Sister Says That Just Make Sense” and the “Green, Red, and Beige Flags” trend. To emphasize the sisterly bond between Anne and Jenny, we created a Twitter/X hashflag, featuring a “chibi-fied” version of Awkwafina and Sandra Oh. And, of course, we strategically positioned our bread and butter content — review graphics, countdowns, and meme cards — as an additional avenue to showcase the film’s humor and keep fans buzzing about the streaming release.

After release, we took fans on a deeper dive into Anne and Jenny’s world. Our interactive Instagram Stories turned fans into contestants on ‘Can’t Stop The Quiz,’ challenging them to test their knowledge with trivia questions inspired by the film. Embracing TikTok trends, we also replicated a popular CapCut format to reveal more of Jenny and Anne’s road trip pictures, capturing their hilarious journey.


By diving into relatable family dynamics and letting fans experience the fun of being on a game show, our Quiz Lady social campaign aced every round! The film earned an impressive 83% Audience Score, along with being crowned Certified Fresh. Who knew that a time filled with fast facts and live learning could be this much fun?! Until next time, folks!