Trolls Band Together

Lighting up socials for the next musical adventure with our Trolls family.


This reunion is all we ever needed. Together with Universal Pictures and DreamWorks, DMM set the stage on socials for Trolls’ return to the big screen in Trolls Band Together! This third installment in the franchise didn’t just mark a reunion between the Trolls and their long-lost siblings or a reunion between fans and their favorite Trolls – it brought on a long-awaited reunion for *NSYNC. As fans stepped back into the Trolldom to celebrate, our campaign channeled ‘90s nostalgia and invited them to re-enter their beloved boy band eras. We styled our voice and content much like the iconic Trolls – colorful, playful and sparkling with energy.

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In the months of sustain leading up to the theatrical campaign, our Trolls franchise content embraced the films’ wild and wacky nature, but as we transitioned into Trolls Band Together, we took our efforts to the next level. We Trolled out, and we Trolled hard with our fans, creating content that spoke to the pure fun that these films embody. To do so, we incorporated trippy design elements ranging from kaleidoscopic effects and warped transitions to neon colors and wavy text. These elements paired with moments that highlighted the humor, musicality and lively characters, made for dynamic and fan-focused social content that had everyone singing and dancing (and hugging, of course).

Our social voice matched the energy of our icon and inspiration, Tiny Diamond – vibrant, chaotic and endless fun. Much like the character, we took an edgier approach to things and aged up our voice for Gen Z’s trendy teens while still creating a welcoming space for our core family fans. For our community management strategy, in addition to keeping a pulse on conversations within the Trolldom, we connected with audiences that could still relate to the film’s themes. Whether it was trending dances, common music debates, pop culture moments, or sibling dynamics, our Trolls were livening up the conversation on socials.

As *NSYNC made their return with a new song for the film, we amplified chatter and focused our community management on their active fanbase. The boys were back, and we wanted to show everyone that as the song goes, it was all we ever wanted. We kept the good times Trolling with coverage of the film’s takeover for SoFi Stadium, TrollsFest and the LA Special Screening.


As our Trolls turned up the music on socials once more, we reached more than 27.5M users and collected over 2.7M engagements and 69.3M impressions across Facebook, X and Instagram. Trolls Band Together brought the energy to the box office and became the biggest domestic debut for DreamWorks over the past few years. From creative to community management, everything for our campaign came together in perfect harmony as fans hustled to theaters for an unforgettable Trolls family reunion.