The Blackening Press Tour Digital Media Management

DMM hit the road with the cast of The Blackening as they embarked on their monthlong, five city press tour, to promote the opening of this hilarious new film.


Lionsgate partnered with DMM’s Talent Team on a cast-forward Social Media Campaign for their film, The Blackening. We were there every step of the way from a night at the historic Apollo Theatre to impactful HBCU screenings in Atlanta to capture meaningful content that gave fans a front row seat to the tour, exciting audiences for the upcoming release.



Our objectives for this campaign were to capture behind the scenes content that gave fans a glimpse into the lives of the cast outside of the film and to create social forward content that leans into the trends of today, while still amplifying the film’s message of friendship, humor and culture. 

Leaning into on-the-ground social content coverage was a great opportunity for The Blackening, allowing us to showcase the cast as an ensemble and highlight the great relationships they’ve built through the filming process and beyond, an aspect fans adore.

Knowing that organic talent posts drive  high engagement and impressions, we worked with cast members and Lionsgate to share cast-led content to the film’s social accounts increasing the number of fans and potential movie goers awareness of the upcoming release. Real-time community management also allowed us to connect with fans, continuing to engage the film’s key audiences, increasing online chatter and driving potential ticket sales.


After a total of 13 days with nine talent we were able to give fans a hilarious and impactful second screen experience to drum up excitement for the film’s release while celebrating the culture of the film. Ultimately, 58 Instagram Stories were published and 80 press/fan reactions were re-posted to the brand handles by the team. The coverage increased the fan and audience awareness of the film and got viewers excited for the upcoming release. Most importantly because our team was on the ground, we were able to ensure talent had what they needed to post and/or reshare the great content they were participating in in real time, adding to overall impressions.