John Wick: Chapter 4

Transported fans back to The Continental with an immersive Community SMS campaign for John Wick: Chapter 4


DMM teamed up with Lionsgate to lead an exciting campaign on Community for John Wick: Chapter 4! We immersed subscribers of the dedicated John Wick phone number into the legendary world of the franchise and awarded them with exclusive first-looks, talent Q+As, geo-targeted giveaways and more.



Our campaign’s objectives were to drive excitement and engagement on Community while supporting Lionsgate’s key marketing beats such as trailers, events, ticket sales, etc. By adopting a cryptic and authoritative tone of voice, we were able to continuously immerse our subscribers into the world of John Wick. This approach generated a sense of in-world mystery that was appreciated by our subscribers and even led to discussions on other social platforms, such as Reddit.  

Lance Reddick answers fan questions

Our tactics included giving subscribers an early look at the film’s trailer, sharing exclusive content, a Q+A with Lance Reddick, and a geo-targeted ticket giveaway. One of our most successful and significant campaigns included giving Community subscribers the opportunity to win tickets to an early screening in their own city. We created an in-world experience for fans in 30 major cities across the United States, and used Community’s geo-targeting features to connect with each city’s fans in unique ways. From there, we monitored, engaged, and coordinated the monumental stunt that crushed Community benchmarks and set the bar for future geo-targeted campaigns.


Our interactive campaigns, coupled with exclusive content, led our Community SMS campaign for John Wick: Chapter 4 to success! We earned an average click-through rate of 86+% and average response rate of 22+%, well above the industry benchmarks of a 19.5% click-through rate and a 12.2% response rate.