Blue Beetle

Introducing the world to its newest college-grad-turned-Super Hero through an electrifying campaign that captured the heart, humor, and power of Jaime Reyes’ journey.


The world’s newest Super Hero has arrived… whether Jaime Reyes likes it or not. DMM partnered with Warner Bros. to craft the heart-warming, hilarious, action-packed social media campaign behind DC’s Blue Beetle. With culture and representation at the film's core, we made everyone feel a part of the Reyes familia through our bilingual social voice, copy, and engagement. We took our new familia along for the fiesta with talent tour content coverage that gave an up-close look at director Ángel Manuel Soto’s inspiration for the film and overall impact on an underrepresented community. By strengthening the connection to our fanbase through our social strategy, we reminded viewers there is a Super Hero within all of us and a loving familia cheering you on every step of the way.



Talent Tour Content Capture

To strategically promote the film on socials, we documented the press tour, giving fans exclusive BTS access to talent, and arming the talent, studio, and film handles with engaging content to drive awareness, impressions, and growth across platforms. We captured content at various events throughout the tour with stops in London, Mexico City, Toronto, Seattle, Austin, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. 


Due to changes in the industry, our access to talent became limited, so we quickly pivoted our strategy to focus on the Blue Beetle director, Ángel Manuel Soto. We centered our strategy around Ángel and the excitement surrounding each tour stop to foster genuine connections and authentic engagement with target online audiences.

Special Screening and Event Coverage

We invited everyone to our fiesta through live social coverage of special events, early screenings, and parties attended by director Ángel Manuel Soto as well as big Latino names in pop culture, including J Balvin, Anuel AA, and DJ Luian. Partnering with our Social Content Producer, we provided real-time Instagram Story coverage that gave our audience an up-close and personal look at the heart of the film. We highlighted beautiful moments with Ángel as he spoke about the inspiration behind the film, his hopes for representation in media, and his passion for his community. We also spotlighted reactions from community members expressing the impact the film’s story, plot, and cultural relevance had on them. This played a key role in strengthening the connection with our viewers on a more personal level.

Connecting to Our Community’s Interests

Our social tone of voice embodied the exhilarating action, laugh-out-loud humor, and heart-warming moments that make Blue Beetle so relatable in today’s industry. With this film bringing a community heavily marginalized by mainstream media into the spotlight, it was important that the theme of representation didn’t end on the big screen. Inclusivity was a key component of our copy and community management strategy. By utilizing both Spanish and English in our copywriting and responses to fans, we formed an authentic connection with both loyal Blue Beetle fans and those new to Jaime’s journey. As a Latino-led, starring, and directed film, we ensured our Spanish-speaking audience was not just included, but celebrated. The Blue Blue Beetle community was made to feel at home through a voice that focused on more than building a loyal fan base. We sought to create and foster a familia.

To further the connection with our Blue Beetle familia, we focused our community management and trend opportunities on the cardinal events and interests of the Latino community. Staying true to the heart and voice of the film, we took to our social channels to praise the Mexico soccer team’s championship win, celebrate Lionel Messi’s debut game with Inter Miami, and shout out the Women’s Soccer World Cup. We even partnered with NASA to highlight the Latinos who have been and still are paving the way for extraordinary space discoveries.


The power of the scarab soared Blue Beetle to #1 in the World opening weekend, garnered over 4.3 million engagements across the film’s socials, grew Ángel’s followers +28%, and grew Blue Beetle followers +91% on Instagram, +71% on Twitter, and +69% on Facebook. The on-site content secured by DMM’s Social Content Producer during the press tour was distributed on talent, film, and studio handles garnering a total of 55M estimated impressions. Through our social media campaign, we leveled up the importance of representation in media, celebrated culture, and welcomed the world to a new Super Hero.