Executing a creative refresh and brand new social media strategy to distinguish Wondery as the podcast network that provides a fresh, fan-first perspective on podcast entertainment


In partnership with Wondery, Digital Media Management launched a social media marketing campaign to reinvigorate the premium podcast network’s social channels and give them a cosmetic facelift. We rolled out a new social media style guide and custom creatives to engage users and connect them with stories and podcast enthusiasts alike. Our approach further positioned Wondery as a network that brings a world of entertainment to new and existing fans, wherever they listen.

Rollercoaster of True Crime Podcasts


Wondery’s catalog of podcasts covers a wide range of genres and includes a mix of shows produced by their team and partner companies, featuring some of the biggest names in the podcasting world. The 2022 slate of podcasts featured several new releases each month allowing us to focus our attention on introducing audiences to Wondery’s extensive portfolio of shows. To achieve this, we created content that captured the interests and habits of a podcast listener, allowing them to relate to the content and trust recommendations that come from the Wondery social feeds to improve overall listenership.

With more than 150 shows and 15,000 episodes from Wondery and it’s hand-picked partners, establishing design continuity between the various podcasts was key. We sought to implement a new social media style guide that would bring visual cohesion to the feeds, while still allowing each individual podcast’s unique branding and key art to shine. We aimed to maintain a premium look and feel for the notable brand, while simultaneously catering to a social audience that relates and engages most with lo-fi creative. 

Creating conversation with Wondery’s audience was another priority for us to help make the brand feel more approachable on social media. Given how active their audience is, it was crucial for us to create conversation with fans that felt natural and meaningful. Success here would open the door to continued conversations, new show introductions, and overall, allow us to create content that takes fans deeper into the stories. 

The podcasting space is a rapidly growing form of media, so it was important to elevate the existing brand familiarity audiences had with Wondery. We wanted to use their social platforms to position them as not only a leader in the space, but as the premiere platform for podcasting entertainment. This distinction would associate the Wondery name on social and beyond with being a network that provides fresh, fan-first content about all things podcasting. 


Since implementing our new social media style guide and custom creatives in January 2022, we’ve increased engagement on a cross-platform level by over 370% and the volume of user responses by 82%. We continue to create content that offers engagement opportunities for followers that in turn, provides us with insight on their interests and habits. This data informs our month-to-month content development and allows us to respond proactively to audience needs while promoting new shows and expanding the brand’s overall reach.