Amazon Influencer Campaign

Using a variety of niche creators to make entertaining and engaging content on Amazon-owned social channels.


Amazon partnered with DMM to execute an influencer campaign, creating video content, to support their social channels. These videos have a variety of themes including highlighting small businesses on Amazon, educating audiences about holidays like Dia de Los Muertos, and supporting the launch of their holiday Roblox game, Trip Around the Blox.



DMM leveraged 15 influencers, to create content for 7 different creative initiatives. The main purpose of the videos, was to create fun and entertaining content, with subtle Amazon branding, for their audience to enjoy. In addition to content creation, the influencers were required to either share content to their own social pages, accept a collaboration invitation from Amazon’s Instagram page and/or comment on Amazon’s live content to promote engagement on the posts.

Amazon (@Amazon)

Keeping memories of her loved ones’ alive with this beautiful ofrenda created by @firstgenhouse. 🧡🦋#DiaDeLosMuertos #DiaDeMuertos #DayOfTheDead #DIY

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This Racoon will be lonely no more! 🦝 She’s figured out how to play the Amazon Roblox game “Trip Around the Blox” with all her friends 🐻🦊🦔🦉. @titotheraccoon #roblox

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Our kind of delivery ☕️📦

(🎥: @sashacakeschicago)