Paramount Brand

Creating an engaging community-based social strategy with a refreshing, fun, cinephile approach for Paramount’s brand accounts.


Digital Media Management partnered with Paramount Pictures to elevate their brand channels by focusing on a movie-loving fan-first approach, while genuinely tapping into social conversations and internet pop culture. With tailored approaches to all platforms, both in content and community management, our goal is to connect audiences of all ages on social media while highlighting the iconic 100+ years of Paramount movies. By developing authentic creatives, we start conversations for fans to engage in, showcase our rich catalog, and stay at the forefront of the ever-changing internet culture.



Voice & Tone

Paramount Pictures is your friendly social media manager next door, who’s funny and not afraid to flex their film knowledge. We developed a first-person approach to connect directly to our audience as a fellow fan, rather than a brand entity. Right off the bat, our change in tonal approach received positive reactions across our community management sweeps amongst fans and other general consumers. 

We tailored our voice to appeal to each platform’s specific audience. Since Facebook tends to skew older, we maintain a more simplistic approach to help tailor to posts and copy we know will work, while our Instagram voice leans more towards the modern-day cinephile. On Twitter, we are able to be a socially savvy, fun film buff by matching the same energy and excitement that fans bring for their favorite titles like Mean Girls and Clueless. Since TikTok is where Gen Z meets millennials, we pivoted our voice and tone to be relatable and understanding of all TikTok trends. As the hub for all zeitgeist content, our true nature lives here as we give fans a front-row seat into all things Paramount. 

Community Management & Trends

Our community management and trends tap into the larger social zeitgeist, expanding and reminding fans of the rich legacy of Paramount’s films, while also making sure that we’re relevant to internet culture as a whole. Whether it’s utilizing trending TikTok audio for a Zoolander scene or incorporating trending memes into our copy, our goal is to think like a fan instead of a brand on all platforms. When engaging with fans, we respond to positive sentiment daily while also finding opportunities to include ourselves in big moments with other studios, brand accounts, and talent. 

This tailored approach has been met with success and positive reception across all platforms, with our comment on Channing Tatum’s TikTok serving as our top-performing response to date.


With the vast Paramount Pictures catalog, the world is truly our oyster when creating innovative content. We aim to entertain and engage through leveraging the Paramount catalog, while also highlighting their newest releases. We develop creatives that celebrate film anniversaries, fan-favorite scenes, and holiday beats, ensuring they feel organic and favorable to each platform. Platform segmentation is also key to our campaign approach, such as focusing on the comedic titles with TikTok, and leaning into the visually aesthetic moments of films on Instagram.



During the first four months of 2022, we reached a total of 3M+ impressions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook along with 2M+ engagements across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. We’ve increased our impressions 137% and 75% on Instagram. Our social strategy was met with success by leaning into trending topics, showcasing Paramount’s catalog of films, and creating content that resonates with our fans. Now, this is what we call fetch!