Tapping into social media culture, relevant trends & topics, and harnessing nostalgia with the humor-driven and unhinged approach to Lionsgate’s film catalog.


With our well-seasoned and fan-driven strategy, in 2021 we continued our partnership with Lionsgate to utilize a more “unhinged, stan-like” tone of voice for our popular franchise titles, Twilight and The Hunger Games. We continuously evolved our content and tone of voice to not only speak to our established fanbase, but reach a younger, gen-z audience across social media. While other titles like La La Land, Now You See Me, Terminator 2, and The Expendables didn’t go full stan, we crafted an approach that catered to each title by taking into account what content audiences engaged with the most.



In 2021, we majored in humor with a minor in self-deprecation. We zeroed in on memes, simple statics, and long-form videos, all while leveraging fan nostalgia and passion for our popular titles. While our larger franchise titles focused more on memes and humor, we utilized a variety of different formats: Action-focused creatives for The Expendables, Rambo, and Terminator 2, romance-focused creatives for Dirty Dancing and La La Land, and family-focused creatives for Wonder.


This year, we focused our efforts to ensure fans knew that the social media admin of their favorite account was as big a fan as they were. By embracing social media trends, especially on Twitter, we reached record-breaking numbers, resulting in over 20M impressions across all accounts. As our following continued to grow, we established a deeper connection between existing fans and new fans alike.


Finding new ways to connect with our fans was a top priority for 2021. As a shift from our 2020 community management, we did not hold back when engaging with a sassy, sarcastic, and stan-like approach. We updated our accounts to be “stan” accounts celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and tapped into our fans’ love of artists from our soundtracks, such as Taylor Swift. Building this mutual relationship increased our fans’ trust in us and allowed us to establish a rapport with new fans who recognized us as one of them.


With a more fan-focused approach and an emphasis on our own love of the movies, we generated over 457M in reach, 71M in video views, and 43M in engagements.