Wonder Woman 1984

Crafting a social media campaign that packed a punch for the studio’s first theatrical and streaming hybrid release.


Digital Media Management (DMM) was excited to partner with WB for another action-packed DC Super Hero movie campaign - Wonder Woman 1984. We crafted a campaign that excited audiences around the world. To support one of Warner Brothers’ first hybrid releases on HBO Max and in theaters, we focused heavily on the creation of high-octane, character-focused creatives, as well as highlighted raving fan and critic reviews.



We continuously adapted and refreshed our content strategy, leaning towards fans seeking entertainment from the comfort of their homes. This included creating and debuting Zoom backgrounds for fans to use and keeping them engaged with dazzling creatives that drove them to all of our virtual events throughout the campaign.

To highlight Wonder Woman’s glorious return, we built dynamic, narrative-style creatives that captured the blockbuster feel of the film. As the only superhero film that was released in 2020, we sparked conversation among both critics and fans, using their positive sentiment to create impactful review videos that put Wonder Woman 1984 at the forefront of our audiences’ minds.

In tandem with the social campaign, we helped execute a range of events, physical and virtual, including CCXP 2019-2020, DC Fandome, and rounding it out with the virtual World Premiere. For CCXP 2019, a DMM talent embed traveled with the WB team to São Paulo, Brazil to film and capture content with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins for the first ever trailer drop live from the CCXP stage.

In addition to CCXP, we helped WB launch the film’s second trailer and amplified fan and influencer support through all-day social coverage and across the multiple film panels at the first-of-its-kind virtual convention, DC FanDome.

Leading up to the film’s Christmas Day release in theaters and on HBO Max, we streamed the WW84 Virtual World Premiere on TikTok simultaneously and in real-time across 4 different TikTok accounts (DC Comics, Gal Gadot, WW84, and HBO Max). The TikTok stream generated more than 26K real time views on the platform.


Producing electric, thrilling content that generated massive buzz allowed us to execute a social media campaign that showcased all of the action that fans were amped to see with the long-awaited release of Wonder Woman 1984. On opening weekend, the film earned the highest Box-Office opening of the pandemic era.

As a result of our ability to quickly adapt our strategy throughout the campaign, we generated +568M social impressions and surpassed 1M Instagram followers by the campaign’s conclusion.