Amplifying Black filmmaking & excellence, cast star power, and anticipation for a femme fatale thriller with a dark twist


Partnering with Lionsgate on Fatale, DMM took on the mantle of a theatrical release that pivoted to a CinemaSafe rollout in theaters during COVID, before quickly moving to a PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) campaign. Our social media campaign primarily aimed to highlight the many twists and turns in the movie to drive excitement and anticipation.



Our main goals for the Fatale social media campaign were to emphasize the star-studded cast, amplify Black excellence and filmmaking, heighten intrigue surrounding the plot, and create an interactive space where fans could come to share their experiences with all things Fatale.

Femme Fatale Tone of Voice Strategy

We took inspiration from the main character, Detective Valerie Quinlan, as a guide for tone and copy. With her teasing lines like, “if you didn’t want to play, you shouldn’t have come to Vegas,” and general femme fatale presence onscreen, it created a natural jumping-off point, enabling us to build out copy that stayed true to the tone of the film while allowing us to have fun across social channels. To tap into Derrick Tyler’s storyline, we invited fans to play a game with us on Instagram Stories by asking them to send in their name and location to get a personalized Vegas alias in return. In both community management and post copy, we always wanted the throughline to connect to the main characters and reflect the same playful and alluring energy. 💋 xx

Emphasizing Film Pedigree & Star Power

With Hilary Swank at the helm, Michael Ealy, and the award-winning cinematographer Dante Spinotti, we wanted to emphasize Fatale’s star power both on and off screen, making sure audiences knew they were in for a suspenseful, well-crafted treat.

Utilizing Reviews, Press Buzz, and BTS

To amplify the film’s pedigree and generate positive word of mouth, we made positive press coverage a staple of the campaign by featuring articles in an Instagram Story highlight so they were easily accessible and would live on even after the campaign was over.

Taking advantage of the director and cast members who were active on social media, we highlighted their work in BTS photosets and Instagram stories for further fan engagement, and created a special “Snoop!” highlight for the drive-in screening hosted at Snoop Dogg’s compound.

Snoop Dog and Deon Taylor


By channeling the voice of our femme fatale, interacting with fans, and featuring positive press buzz, we were able to drive fan excitement and maintain positive hype throughout the campaign, keeping Fatale in the Top 5 for Box Office and PVOD well into its release.