Breaking News in Yuba County

Creating a talent-focused social media campaign that packed a punch for MGM’s first simultaneous theatrical and PVOD campaign


In partnership with MGM, Digital Media Management crafted a social campaign for the dark comedy film, Breaking News in Yuba County. Our social strategy relied heavily on the notable ensemble cast and their participation in custom content capture, which we used to create snackable social content for fans to enjoy with a dash of dark humor. Since this campaign lived solely on the MGM brand pages, we strategically mapped out a posting cadence that showcased the film without interruption of other shows and movies from MGM’s catalog.



Our primary objective for this campaign was to showcase the stellar cast as a whole and capture the chaotic energy of Breaking News in Yuba County. Our social creative was designed to mirror that energy by utilizing short pieces that, highlighted the dark humor that Tate Taylor brings to the film. 

Highlighting the Ensemble Cast

One of the main appeals of this film is the notable talent who all have large social followings. We focused on creating content that showcased each of their individual talents, as well as their onscreen chemistry on screen together.  In addition to ensuring that the creatives were sharable for talent to post on their own pages, our design team created stylized assets that popped to grab users’ attention on their timelines. Throughout the campaign, talent regularly engaged with our posts and shared our creatives natively to their pages. 

To tie in the release on Valentine’s Day weekend, MGM partnered with Cameo to create custom videos of  Allison Janey and Bridget Everett telling your soon-to-be lover it’s on, or your soon-to-be-ex it’s over, and all donations went to a charity of the actresses choice. The activation generated a ton of Cameo requests and fans loved having a chance to engage with Allison and Bridget. 

Engaging with Fans

We focused on heavy community management and creating a distinct social voice that was unique from the established MGM brand voice. Inspired by the film’s chaotic nature, we wanted to make sure our copy complemented our bright creatives and the film’s dark comedic tone, so we created a social tone that felt upbeat yet mischievous. We wanted to give audiences an in-world perspective from Yuba County as their very own news reporter. We teased fans asking if they had any leads on where to find the missing Karl Buttons and provided hilarious affirmations so they could reach fame just like Sue.


By crafting an intriguing and fun campaign for  Breaking News in Yuba County, we created a plethora of highly-engaging social pieces that organically generated over 5.6 million impressions and 80.4K engagements within a 4-week timeframe across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.