Chaos Walking

Exploring the New World and amplifying fans’ “Noise” with a fan-favorite book to film adaptation.


Partnering with Lionsgate on the much-anticipated release of Chaos Walking, DMM took fans of this beloved young adult book series to the fictional New World, a place where only men reside and their thoughts (called the “Noise”) are always on display. We developed a fan-focused social media campaign to build our “Chaotic Army,” created an in-world Twitter account to elevate our community management opportunities, and approached the voice and tone to be more “stan-like” to resonate with our primary audiences.



Our campaign focused on three key strategies: mobilizing the fans (a.k.a. the Chaotic Army), highlighting the beloved cast of the New World, and embracing our Noise through community management stunts. 


From book-loving super-fans to fans of our star-studded cast, we decided early on to make our fans the mouthpiece of our campaign. With such a die-hard fan base, we knew they’d be talking, so how did we get them talking more? A bespoke social experience designed from the ground up to drive fan engagement and excitement for Chaos Walking.

Throughout each campaign window, we emphasized that our fans’ voices mattered to us the most, providing them with a sense of pride and re-ignited fanship & loyalty of the film as we continued to make fun and adventurous community management stunts to bring all of us closer to the New World.

This is the @Noise

In addition to leveraging the stellar cast, we tapped into the film’s unique concept of “Noise”, which is the visual representation of every thought in your head on public display. With such an intriguing concept, we executed this on Twitter, creating a @Noise account to further drive conversations surrounding the film, while keeping our fans engaged with our very self-aware and confident tone of voice. We also teamed up with Lionsgate to parody a trending moment surrounding Tom Holland’s other upcoming movie and tied it back to Chaos Walking, which drove fan chatter and generated some great earned media. To differentiate our @Noise account from our film’s Twitter account, we experimented with a “noisy” font in our posts to immerse our social audiences into our Noise.

Bringing Together the Fandoms of the New World

Knowing that our talent stans were very active and passionate about their favorites, we crafted our strategy to include a mix of content to highlight each of their characters, especially highlighting Todd Hewitt played by Tom Holland and Viola Eade played by Daisy Ridley. Highlighting these two characters and their on-screen chemistry in our content helped unite these two fandoms together to enjoy this dynamic film, bringing broader awareness to the targeted younger and female-skewing audience.


Throughout our theatrical, PVOD, and home entertainment social media campaign windows, we generated a total of 35.1M impressions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By mirroring the same levels of excitement and sentiment as our Chaotic Army fans, highlighting our star-studded cast, and amplifying our Noise from the New World and beyond, we were able to excite and activate fans for Chaos Walking and achieve a compelling and authentic social campaign.

35.1 M

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