Godzilla vs. Kong

Taking the Monsterverse franchise to new heights with a community-driven 360 social campaign.


DMM partnered with Warner Bros. and Legendary on the social campaign for the biggest, action-packed rivalry of the year -- Godzilla vs. Kong. Through eye-catching, feed-stopping creatives and a fan-focused, relatable copy and community management strategy, we created a social campaign that built hype and excitement around the film leading up to release. As theaters around the world began to reopen, Godzilla vs. Kong led the charge in bringing audiences back to the big screen.

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In anticipation of the battle of the year, we crafted a fresh and relatable copy and community management strategy that kept fan energy at an all-time high throughout the campaign. We developed relatable, evergreen content and engaged with fans in an action-packed but comedic tone of voice to ensure Godzilla vs. Kong stayed at the forefront of social conversation.

To get the battle off the ground, we experimented with simple calls to action to keep fans engaged as we began to build out our content strategy. This ranged from polls asking to “Vote for the Best Roar” to threads asking fans to “Comment Your Weekend Mood Using Only GVK GIFs” to tweeting photo sets challenging fans to “Meme This”. Throughout the campaign, we generated additional buzz by engaging in banter with brands such as eHarmony, SNICKERS, and IMAX

For a tentpole film like Godzilla vs. Kong, the social creatives needed to reflect the massive scale of the movie. To do this, we focused on large, action-packed and story-driven moments to highlight that this was a battle you needed to see in theaters. Partnerships also played a huge role in expanding our reach beyond the GVK fandom. Implementing a “Rivalry Bracket” using a collection of Warner Media’s most popular IPs, including The Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones, Batman vs. Superman, and Scooby-Doo extended our reach and allowed us to interact with brands we otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to. 


Godzilla vs. Kong was the fight heard around the world, with our social media campaign generating over 46M impressions on Twitter and over 13M on Instagram. GvK had the highest Box-Office opening of any film in the pandemic era, letting the world know that movies are back! 

By crafting a comprehensive social strategy and producing thrilling content that kept fans on the edge of their seats, we made the Godzilla vs. Kong campaign an epic showdown to remember.