Mortal Kombat

Crafting a social media campaign that packed a punch for Warner Bros.’ ambitious video game-to-screen reboot.


DMM was thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. on the social media campaign for the fantasy-action epic Mortal Kombat. To support the dual theatrical and HBO Max release strategy, we crafted a campaign that featured epic visuals fit for the big screen, while focusing on intricate details suited to all screening formats. We also applied our expertise from managing WB Games’ social campaign for Mortal Kombat 11, by infusing franchise lore into every facet of this new cinematic world.



In order to appeal to a broad audience, we reintroduced the iconic MK characters in an authentic way, without alienating moviegoers who may be less acquainted with the video game. We accomplished this by creating bold countdowns and feed-breaking assets which matched the high-stakes of the film as well as character intros to introduce audiences into an impressive ensemble cast. These creatives presented Mortal Kombat in a fresh, inviting, and inclusive new light.

The Mortal Kombat brand takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to ultra-violent action so messaging that this film was a faithful adaptation without violating social media platform rules was a key challenge. We solved this by teasing the violence through quick edits, alluding to fan-favorite fatalities without explicit gore, and by crafting playful copy and community management. The result was a campaign which kept core fans entertained without isolating curious newcomers.


As a result of our ability to generate hype for the beloved franchise throughout the campaign, we generated +140M social impressions and grew the Instagram account to over 175k followers by the campaign’s conclusion.