Wish Upon

Creating a thrilling horror movie campaign that was sure to keep fans up at night


DMM partnered with Broad Green Pictures to create a thrilling campaign for the horror movie Wish Upon that was sure to keep you up at night. We captured the most horrifying moments as well as explored several alternative themes that targeted specific audiences, tailoring our content and overarching feel accordingly. Ultimately, we were able to create a captivating campaign, keeping fans engaged and enticed from start to finish.


From the very beginning, we set out to make it known to our audiences that Wish Upon wasn’t your average scary movie, but a unique horror film that amped up the scare factor, and wasn’t just built on blood and gore, truly hitting the “wish” theme and the psychological horror themes. Early on in the campaign, the lore and characters were touted to introduce the film to the genre’s plethora of fans. From there, we began to slowly transition the campaign into focusing on more of a teen audience and emphasizing that the film was the “kick-off to the summer horror season.” To appeal to this market, we created content that corresponded with the idea in mind that we wanted the audiences to grab their friends and make a summer night out of it. The use of emojis, slang, and “in your face”, attractive, “snackable” and engaging videos proved very successful in hitting that specific audience. To speak more directly to our fans, we created platform-specific content such as React to Vote videos on Facebook and Instagram Album Quote videos. In regard to Paid Media, Broad Green enlisted our services to create a series of 15 second social TV spot videos that went on to become part of the campaign’s highest-performing assets and were even picked up to use as actual spots on television.


Through our innovative and creative efforts and high level of community management across all platforms, we assisted in making Wish Upon the horror movie event of the summer. By tailoring our content to specific audiences as well as hitting several themes of the movie, we were able to reach a very large audience ranging from as young as 13 to as old as 34. We created a strategy that consisted of engaging with fans on a genuine level, showcasing the various themes, producing content that aligned with those themes and highlighting the key audiences that we intended to target, ultimately creating a successful and memorable social campaign.