Developing a unique social media campaign using high-quality video content to engage our target audience


DMM was proud to partner once again with Warner Bros. to develop a unique social media campaign for Geostorm using high-quality video content to engage a target audience and gain traction across platforms. The goal was to create a fun, innovative campaign that showed the high action and excitement surrounding the film.



In order to expand the fanbase for the film, the Geostorm campaign was rolled out in stages to define the film, develop the characters, and lean into the conspiracy aspects. Our team helped build anticipation and mystery leading up to the film’s release.

Because we came into this campaign after it had launched, our goal was to develop high caliber social assets that would shock and surprise. This was achieved through various “Break the Feed”  and “Newsfeed Fakeout” style videos developed for each specific platform. We also incorporated a Break the Feed Instagram Story which earned high views and engagement. Fans were able to get a taste of the thrilling moments of the film while still leaving a mysterious tone encouraging them to see the film.

One of the biggest challenges of the campaign was the real-life weather conditions that were happening throughout the social campaign. Our team had to get innovative to figure out how to develop and promote a weather-related disaster film in a way that was respectful. We were able to do this without losing momentum by slightly changing directions and leaning more into the conspiracy aspect of the film.


Despite the challenges, we saw strong growth across all social platforms in both followers and engagement. Our organic content ended up among the best performing posts of the campaign, as we targeted key audiences and produced original and engaging content. We saw a growing anticipation as the film neared release. With high-quality video content and engaging visuals, despite a stormy climate, the Geostorm campaign was a success.