My Little Pony: The Movie


DM2 and Lionsgate teamed up to create and execute a pony-rific and friendship-filled social media campaign for My Little Pony: The Movie. The campaign incorporated several strategies that worked together to create a cohesive look and feel as well as spoke to fans of the My Little Pony franchise and built a structure that encapsulated the franchise for new fans. These initiatives included existing fan-tailored content, a partnership with Giphy, high-level motion creatives, and Tasty-style recipe videos. Ultimately, we were able to create a captivating social media campaign, engaging fans of all ages and capturing the magic of the franchise on our social platforms.



To start, we wanted to speak to the existing fans of the My Little Pony franchise in order gather a solid foundation in terms of a fan base. With the many differences that the theatrical film had compared to its TV show counterpart (new characters, new animation style, new locations, etc.) we were able to give those existing fans a space where they felt that they were being spoken to by heavily researching the characters, storylines, and other in-world information and executing initiatives such as creatives tailored towards fan-favorite characters and posts that celebrated in-world holidays.

In addition to existing fan-tailored content, we also partnered up with Giphy in order to give fans more ways to engage with our content. We created GIFs to be posted to a Giphy brand page that fans could go to for all My Little Pony: The Movie GIFs. Overall, our brand page gathered over 3 million views and fans were eager to utilize these GIFs when engaging with our content.

A goal of ours from the beginning of this campaign was to truly transport people to Equestria through our creatives. We wanted to take the assets that we were given and present them to fans in a way that introduced the characters, the setting, and the storyline in a way that captured the users’ attention. We accomplished this by adding subtle animations to the characters (i.e. making them blink, moving their tails, etc.), by ‘using the space’ in our videos to give the effect that we are navigating a larger space within the creative, and by layering and animating the backgrounds and foregrounds to add that extra depth that really caught the eye of the fan.

Lastly, a central theme of our campaign was to get fans ready for their ‘Pony Parties’. To do this, we created a series of recipe videos filmed and edited in-house in the style of the very popular and viral Tasty videos in partnership with Foodstirs Organic Baking. Fans were thrilled to be able to watch these step-by-step videos and make the sweet treats at home.


Through our creative and innovative strategies, we were able to elevate the film into a theatrical event that fans were more than ecstatic about. Our interactive strategies resulted in a <1000% increase in fan growth across all platforms, with some single creatives gathering over 145K combined organic impressions alone.

By creating content tailored for existing fans, giving new fans an inclusive way to engage with our content, transporting our audience to the land of Equestria through our creatives, and getting everybody ready for their pony parties, we successfully executed a magical and memorable social media campaign.