Father Figures

Creating relatable and sharable content for the R-Rated comedy of the holiday season


We teamed up with Warner Bros. to create the digital campaign for the theatrical release of Father Figures, the R-Rated comedy of the holiday season. The social media campaign was executed with several different strategies working together to highlight the main themes. These initiatives included shareable meme-style content, relatable dysfunctional family content, and holiday-themed content.



The digital campaign for Father Figures consisted of using the main themes from the film and bringing them together in a fun and cohesive way.

Understanding that this film heavily focused on raunchy R-rated comedy, we wanted to incorporate an extreme comedic take on the digital campaign in the form of shareable meme-style videos. These videos were top performers in the campaign likely due to their higher potential of being shared than the rest of our content. They featured no WB or Father Figures branding in the hope that it would pay off in the way that the non-branded/general meme content would get the reach that we were hoping for (from being shared) and that the rest of the branded content would benefit off of the coattails of that reach in the long run since the content was posted from our account and users would be able to trace it back that way.

Another one of the main themes of this campaign surrounded the dysfunctional family moments that were prevalent throughout the film. In order to hit this theme, we dove in head first to research many of the ‘viral’ memes from popular outlets to get a better understanding of what a general audience relates to the most in the span of this theme. Then, we crafted content using the scenes/moments from the film that lined up the closest with the findings from our research. Some of this content consisted of shareable holiday cards on Instagram Stories, prompting fans to send to “the mother who overshares” or “the guy you think is your dad”.

With this film having a holiday theatrical release, it was important that we incorporated an overarching holiday theme into our content. With it in mind that this film was not necessarily a holiday film, we were able to get creative in how we portrayed it that way. With the use of holiday music, complex motion graphics, and a red and green color scheme for all of our content, we were able to transform a year-round R-rated comedy into a holiday event that was not to be missed.


Overall, we were able to combine several strategies that pulled the campaign together from it’s moving parts and gave it a cohesive look and feel that spoke to the many themes that were present throughout. We were successful in our strategy with some of our non-branded meme posts gathering over 60K organic impressions alone. This campaign was full of hilarious comedy, fun motion graphics, and holiday spirit for all fans to enjoy.