The Big Sick


In partnership with Lionsgate and Amazon Studios, we created an emotionally tangible digital campaign for the home entertainment release of The Big Sick. One of our main focuses was on the real-life characters of Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon. Keeping in mind that the film was based on the actual relationships of living people, we highlighted the true storylines and the non-fiction elements of the film. With our community management, we were able to have many back and forths with Kumail and Emily in order to elevate their fans' social experience.



Our main goal in this campaign was to showcase the character development of Kumail and Emily, as well as present their true love story. With both main characters heavily involved with the comedy community and very active on Twitter, we were able to co-promote the film with them. In addition, because this campaign was dear to the hearts of Kumail and Emily as it was the story of how they met, they heavily supported our social content.

We created a variety of videos that took the fans throughout Kumail and Emily’s love story from the awkward and hilarious beginning stages all the way to the deeply romantic connection in the end, showing the relatability of the characters and their relationship in a fun and cohesive way.


With this campaign, we were able to create lasting and meaningful content that shared the intimate, real-life love story of the two protagonists. We allowed users into the world of Kumail and, through our social creatives, connected users to his life, his family, and his relationship.