Introducing We’re Here Season 2 to old fans, new viewers, and cementing HBO as the premier destination for diverse and high-quality storytelling.


We slayed Season 2, henny! HBO partnered with Digital Media Management (DMM) to continue to serve We’re Here realness to existing drag enthusiasts, Season 1 fans, and HBO viewers. By sharing premium videos and unit photography that highlighted our main cast’s sickening lewks and performances, we reignited We’re Here fans’ support for Season 2. We tied it all together through a robust community management strategy that fostered the vibrant We’re Here community throughout the entire campaign.



DMM was tasked to continue the success of Season 1 by fostering deeper connections with our fans through engaging videos and a targeted community management strategy.

To kick off S2 of We’re Here, our goal was to get back to WERQ and provide our adoring fan base with a much-needed boost of serotonin! By highlighting and activating our three queens through custom clips, gifs, and IG Lives, we were able to spread the love and show just what this amazing community is all about. 

To return to our fans’ feeds, DMM began sharing lo-fi concepts that highlighted key Season 1 moments. This included a swipe to see a dragsformation and various Instagram Stories that utilized native stickers to engage fans. Additionally, our “Play it Again Stans” Instagram Story concept made rewatching interactive, as we recommended episodes to fans depending on the emoji they replied with. These lo-fi concepts served to remind fans of the iconic Season 1 while fanning the flames of excitement for Season 2!

Post-launch, we implemented a strategic clipping plan to continue the conversation week to week. This included iconic performances, sickening lewks, and touching moments that elevated We’re Here’s message of love, education, and inclusion. Moreover, by actively engaging with our fans, relevant artists, and the LGBTQIA+ community, we fostered our community and bolstered our reach. We served our fans the lewks, the performances, and heartfelt moments that brought our community together, which resulted in overwhelming positive sentiment week after week.


Focusing on our main talent throughout the season allowed fans to see drag excellence from the perspective of our drag superstars. We also educated, tugged at heartstrings, and brought the We’re Here community closer through uplifting copy and community management. Our premium video content and unit photography complemented our colloquial tone and voice, bringing drag to the forefront of new and old fans alike. Our campaign garnered 2.6M impressions, 904K views, and 260K engagements across Instagram and Facebook.