Introducing THE HYPE to new audiences to build a strong, diverse and engaged social media community.


This isn’t fashion, THIS is f-ing streetwear. To kick off THE HYPE, we focused on building and cultivating a strong and dedicated audience on social media platforms for the new series. By introducing each of our unique designers, co-signers, and guest creatives across social and releasing a steady mix of elevated BTS and premium content, we created a space that fit the vibe of the show. Our strategy aimed to establish our accounts as a part of the community, build anticipation and excitement for the designers and the series, and overall create content that felt authentic to the streetwear community.



DMM was tasked to launch HBO Max’s brand new streetwear competition show, THE HYPE. To kick-off the series, DMM sent an embed to set, fostering quality relations with talent, producers, and crew resulting in unrestricted access that allowed for the creation of a vast content library with self-shot videos and photos that became a crucial component of THE HYPE campaign. 

After production wrapped, to kick-off the social campaign, we built a robust platform strategy to begin to build buzz and awareness across. To introduce new audiences to the designers, we released “contestant lookbook” videos that gave fans a sneak peek into each designer’s personality and unique style. In order to build hype surrounding the judges, we additionally launched quote motion graphics that highlighted key moments and lines that spoke to the streetwear culture and the inspiration behind the show. 

In season, we released Now Streaming motion videos to let fans know that new episodes of THE HYPE were available. These videos featured key and celebratory moments with contestants, guest judges, and our co-signers to excite the audience and encourage them to tune in. Utilizing embed footage, we were also able to provide a raw and authentic vibe to our pages, including custom Reels that provided fans with a unique and engaging way to get to know our cast. We also activated talent week to week through various IG Lives, tapping into our talent and cultivating a fandom. On top of it all, we implemented a robust community management strategy, focusing on not just our owned talent, but streetwear brands and influencers to increase and expand our reach across.


By focusing on building an authentic space for our fanbase, we were able to foster a community that is excited and clamoring for another season. This strategy built our Instagram and Twitter accounts and we amassed 260k total views, 2.4M engagements, and 3.3 total impressions across the campaign.