A buzzy social campaign for HBO Max Original Comedy, The Sex Lives of College Girls, from creator, Mindy Kaling.


Welcome to Essex, bbs! Digital Media Management (DMM) approached audiences with authenticity and humor, reveled in the college experience, and kept the party going all season long. By remaining relevant, relatable, and sharing creative that proved we were always in on the joke, we built a social media campaign for the streaming show that resonated with fans and talent alike.



HBO Max partnered with DMM to create a social media campaign for HBO Max’s new coming of age TV series, from creator Mindy Kaling, The Sex Lives of College Girls. We aimed to create a modern, unfiltered campaign by echoing the series’ comedic tone, navigate the (often messy) journey of self-discovery alongside the titular lead characters, and lean into the dynamics of female friendship.

We set out to establish The Sex Lives of College Girls as a must-watch, relatable take on female friendship and the college experience that hasn’t been done before, engage Zillenial audiences, lean in to the fresh and irreverent tone of the show in a way that feels authentic and never forced, and create engaging content that feels platform native and modern, as well as innovative in its approach.


The Sex Lives of College Girlssocial campaign elicited over 54.3K followers, 67.3M impressions, 5M video views, and 380K total interactions across social over three months. Our character and talent-focused strategy, humorous voice and tone, robust community management, and relatable creative concepts resonated with audiences to keep the social conversation raging.