Voltron Legendary Defender


DreamWorks partnered with Digital Media Management on an influencer campaign to promote the toy launch of the Netflix animated show, Voltron Legendary Defender.



To create excitement for the return of the Voltron franchise on Netflix and generate sales for the toys during the holiday season, DMM partnered with family-friendly influencers to target families and millennials.

Influencers posted unboxing videos on Instagram to showcase the toys, encourage viewers to purchase reach and holiday shoppers in a unique way. Instagram Stories were used to support the primary Instagram video, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at the unboxing and a swipe up option to buy. The swipe-up links allowed followers to directly purchase the toys from their social feed.


The influencer campaign helped make the toy launch of Voltron Legendary Defender a success by driving brand awareness and generating over 1,000 clicks towards the toy line. Over 1.3 million followers were reached through the branded content, which received over 625,000 engagements and 186,000 combined views.



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