The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 1


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel strutted her way to the stage for the first season of the critically acclaimed and Golden Globe-winning series. DMM was tasked with implementing a social strategy that would both attract Amy Sherman-Palladino fans and recruit a new audience that would be dazzled by Mrs. Maisel's charm. Our team was involved right from the inception, bringing Amazon's 2017 pilot season winner to life on social by developing a highly intentional strategy, conceptualizing dynamic creatives, and executing conversational community management.



Our team developed a social strategy that touted the show’s unique and fast-paced nuance by harnessing Gilmore Girls fans and inviting larger audiences to come together to learn and laugh from Midge’s story. To leverage the classic fast talking and professional bantering of Amy Sherman-Palladino characters, we shared character-specific video content featuring the best dialogue exchanges. This video series introduced the key players of the show with the ASP flair everyone knows and loves.

To attract the attention of new consumers, we conceptualized content that placed the show in the forefront of social conversation. Through leveraging holidays and the cultural zeitgeist, our content drew in larger audiences to meet Mrs. Maisel. At the same time, we sought to roll out content that would highlight the relationship between Midge and Susie with a video series centered around the two characters. Each video featured sage advice and character growth from the two leading ladies, which spoke to the highly relevant female empowerment conversation.

Much like Midge Maisel, we strive to stand out amongst the crowd with our feed and this can especially be seen with our content partnerships. In addition to partnering with Amazon Fashion we teamed up with WhoHaha, and executed a two-day Fooji campaign. With Amazon Fashion we gave users the opportunity to shop Midge’s closet through weekly Instagram Stories and Facebook posts which linked to customized shopping lists. In an effort to highlight real women in comedy and speak to the female empowerment themes, we partnered with WhoHaha, a creative community and digital content studio co-founded by DMM, to create six original content series for the campaign. From hosting a live comedy show with female comedians to customized content that highlighted the humor and the heart of the show, the partnership brought Mrs. Maisel to the 21st century. Lastly, we worked with Fooji to execute an activation that sent Chinese food and wine to encourage users to stream the first season on Prime during the holidays. Selling out in the first half of both days showed the impressive number of user participation.


We brought the viewers downtown with Midge Maisel through our community management by using an inviting and familiar voice which sought to celebrate and empower women. Overall, our campaign was successful in anchoring a large fan base that is committed to Midge’s growth and feels as though they’re part of her family and journey. Through our efforts, we successfully introduced the world to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and there is no doubt, that the crowd loves her.