Jean-Claude Van Johnson – Season 1


DMM partnered with Prime Video to help bring undercover agent, Jean-Claude Van Damme (JCVD)...or should we say Johnson, out of the shadows for the release of Jean-Claude Van Johnson. Our team was tasked with executing a social campaign that would tap into the show’s black ops action and witty humor while leveraging JCVD’s star power and illustrious career.



Our team developed a social strategy that took fans behind the scenes of some of JCVD’s most iconic roles, exposing his undercover lifestyle as Johnson, and revealing that each of his films was the ultimate cover for a secret mission. Our socials sought to paint an authentic and believable portrait of JCVD as a real-life secret agent who, time and time again, has single-handedly saved the world from imminent danger. To appeal to his existing global fan base, we leaned heavily into Van Damme nostalgia by referencing some of his most famous films and one-liners. To reach action-comedy junkies, we integrated the high production and action-packed scenes into our content strategy wherever possible while keeping JCVD front and center.

Facebook served as our primary platform for targeting JCVD’s core audience with shareable videos and exclusive content debuts. We utilized Twitter to reach a broader audience by capitalizing on trending conversations with popular hashtags, and jumping on new features such as the 280 character count to showcase the show’s humor. On Instagram, we strategically integrated content into the feed that felt native to the platform, such as meme-style videos and behind-the-scenes content.

Throughout the campaign, we used our community management to further the narrative that JCVD was a secret agent. We asked questions to encourage fan theories and spark conversation between users on our pages. We paid close attention to what fans discussed most, grabbing witty lines from the show to tweet daily, and fan-favorite moments to incorporate into Twitter polls. By pinpointing these moments and popular topics of discussion, we were able to increase our engagement and show fans we were listening to them.


We set out to create an awareness of JCVD and his not-so-secret identity by taking his household name and transforming him into Johnson. Fans enjoyed the in-world approach and were excited to jump into a world of secret agents and covert operations with their favorite action star.