Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Season 1


DMM partnered with Prime Video to bring Electric Dreams, an anthology series based on Philip K. Dick's (PKD) short stories, to life on social media. Our team was tasked with developing a voice for social channels and creating a strategy that would excite his existing fan base and draw in new fans of anthology series and science fiction genres. We sought to take audiences on a journey through 10 different worlds, diving into the deeper themes within PKD’s works.



Our team at DMM developed a social strategy that centered around the 10-episode season, the stellar cast, and the core theme found in PKD’s works: What does it mean to be human? We wanted to provide a social experience that would take fans on a voyage into the fantastical worlds explored in the show. On Instagram, we strategically rolled out a grid featuring episode-specific key art, updating it with new pieces every few days to allow fans to take a deeper dive into each episode. Upon closer inspection of each piece, users were delighted to find hidden content such as episodic trailers, cinemagraphs, and behind-the-scenes photos within the gallery posts of the grid.

On Twitter, we created threads to lead fans down a rabbit hole of discovery and discussion. Themed to each episode, we started the thread with a cinemagraph and added on behind-the-scenes videos and images. To connect with our audience and frame Electric Dreams in a modern day context, we hopped on related trends and shared news articles closely related to PKD’s stories. This allowed us to create a dialogue with fans and illustrate that PKD’s works about the future still hold relevance, even decades after they were written.

Throughout the campaign, we used key beats from fan-favorite episodes to inform our community management strategy. We started a conversation around their favorite moments, asked them questions, and welcomed them on a journey through PKD’s literary works of art. By tapping into current conversations and popular points within the show, we created a space online for fans to talk freely about the influence of PKD and how his stories continue to transcend space and time.