Creating a suspenseful and spine-tingling campaign for the dramatic psychological thriller


DMM was excited to partner with Warner Bros. to create a suspenseful and spine-tingling campaign for the dramatic psychological thriller Unforgettable. We explored the most thrilling moments and mind-bending themes from the film and creatively crafted a campaign that targeted specific fan bases, encouraged fan engagement and conversation, and featured an overarching theme for the stylized content that captivated fans from beginning to end.



Warner Brothers came to DMM to advise on the overall direction of the campaign, provide platform strategy, and to conceptualize a uniform visual theme for the campaign that remained consistent even as we created content that targeted a wide variety of audiences. We started off by engaging heavily with the fans using community management and Twitter polls to understand what elements of the film interested them the most. Using this information, we split the campaign into three main themes, focusing 30% on campy, 30% on suspenseful, and 30% on thriller content. All of the different content still adhered to an overarching visual theme while creating unique scare-themed content, content that covered the psychological aspects of the film, and content that hit audiences outside of the fan base. Through the use of eye-catching graphics and innovative and engaging video, we introduced the characters, their goals and motivations, and their internal and external struggles. All of this content came together to ultimately accomplish our goal of taking the audience on a thrilling ride and gathering excitement for the film’s theatrical release.


Positive social buzz across platforms caused by our high levels of community management and fan activation turned Unforgettable into a “must-see” thrill ride. By diversifying our content, we were able to hit a large audience ranging from 18-44 years old as well as increase the organic reach from when we took control of the campaign by over 600%. Our strategy of engaging with fans, highlighting key audiences, and producing original content that captured not only the scare-factor of this film but also the disturbing psychological aspects led to the success of the Unforgettable social campaign.