Fifty Shades Darker Home Entertainment

Developing a unique social strategy for the steamiest home entertainment campaign the Fifty Shades fandom had ever seen


DMM slipped into something a shade darker with Universal Pictures for the steamiest home entertainment campaign the Fifty Shades Darker fandom has ever seen. With a little help from our fans, we developed a unique social strategy for each platform, reinvigorating fans through the use of platform-exclusive content, original creatives, and fan polls. This created an exciting and engaging social campaign that made fans feel involved and had them falling in love with Christian and Ana all over again.



Our social strategy involved reinvigorating the Fifty Shades fan base with unique, interactive content that differed from platform to platform based on each unique audience’s deepest desires. We started out by utilizing polls and call-to-action copy to ask fans for their favorite moments, quotes, and characters so that we could later use this feedback to build personalized, exclusive content as a gift to the ones who deserve it most – the fans. Facebook focused on the mom demographic with general romantic creatives, while twitter leaned into the comedy and male-centric audience, and Instagram hit on the thriller element of the film. To avoid fatigue, we refreshed theatrical assets with creative content like view-from-above graphics and animated text message conversations to create new and unique content for each platform that had fans enthusiastically following all of our social pages through release.


Our platform-specific strategy paid off in boosting followers across all platforms despite the inevitable post-theatrical release drop-off. Our Instagram following alone increased by 1.6% to 1,037,731 in only 3 months! The #FiftyShadesDarker hashtag also saw over 3 billion impressions across the campaign. By utilizing original content, platform-specific strategies, and a heavy emphasis on fan participation and engagement, we helped boost fan excitement for the franchise and created the perfect lead into the theatrical campaign for the final film.