Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral


Digital Media Management was excited to partner with Lionsgate for their social theatrical campaign for the 11th installment of the Madea franchise, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral. Our goal was to conclude the Madea franchise in a way that would truly resonate with fans. With our social media campaign, we aimed to take the fans back to where the franchise all started, remind them of what kept them coming back for more, and offer them a final way to celebrate with this last film.



Since the Madea universe has been around for 20 years, we really wanted to make our die-hard fans a top priority. To honor these fans, we strategized platform-specific ways that would resonate with our audience and allow them to actively engage with our content.

First and Foremost, the Fans

We created a variety of Instagram Stories that put fans to the test while allowing them to play along with us by using Instagram-specific features. Our ‘Who Said It?’ series tested fans’ knowledge of memorable and humorous quotes from past Madea films. ‘Which Madea Movie?’ asked fans to guess which movie the specific scene was from. For our ‘Fan Friday’ series, we let our fans share their love for Madea and the franchise. ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ trends every week, so to capitalize on that, we created a wisdom-themed Instagram Story series.

We had a chance to be at the forefront when it came to finding distinctive ways to insert ourselves in relevant pop culture moments and trending Twitter conversations. Madea fans love to be a part of these conversations and we knew chiming in would resonate well with our audience.

Leveraging Talent

To make the most of Tyler Perry’s significant social following, we scripted fun Content Day video pieces featuring him, including an “Obituary Reading,” “Reading of the Will” and “Madea’s Bucket List.” The rest of the cast of Family Funeral were eager from day one to market the movie on social. They consistently shared our assets with their followers, tagged us and urged people to save the date.

A Proper Farewell

To honor the fact this was the final Madea film, we created content that encouraged fans to leave Madea their final words and reflect on the franchise, and we then showcased that fan praise on our social pages. Our ‘Funeral Etiquette’ series focused on the comical moments Madea faced in her new role as a funeral planner. Our ‘Slap and Praise Counters’ featured the many, many times Madea slaps and uses a biblical reference in the film — and fans loved it!


Through nostalgia and reflection, supportive talent and distinctive creatives designed with fan-favorite moments in mind, we were able to make A Madea Family Funeral’s social campaign a fun and rewarding experience for fans. For this social media campaign, we amassed more than 162K total followers across all platforms and generated over 72M video views.


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