Birds of Passage


Digital Media Management signed on as the social media agency with The Orchard to develop a dynamic social media campaign for the theatrical release of Birds of Passage, Colombia’s submission for the 2019 Academy Awards. Focusing on the Wayúu people and the origins of the marijuana trade in Colombia, the film offered a culturally rich and visually compelling retelling of history that we positioned at the forefront of our campaign.


Our key objectives for the movie’s social media campaign was to introduce audiences to the Wayúu people, honing in on their world and telling their story authentically through a lens of prestige, while still making the film appeal to a broad audience.

Introduce Audiences to the Wayúu People

To position the social campaign for the film for success, it was integral that our audiences understood who the Wayúu people are and the adversity their history is paved in. We highlighted the customs, culture and tradition of the Wayúu people in our creatives while adopting a social voice that took on the poetic tone of the tribe in our community management.

Market an International Film to a Domestic Audience

Marketing a foreign language, subtitled film with up and coming talent was a challenge we readily accepted as we developed our movie marketing strategy for the Birds of Passage social media campaign. Leaning into the beautiful cinematography and rich culture of the Wayúu people, our creatives focused on projecting emotionally charged visual stories rather than relying on dialogue and exhibition.

Maintain A Level Of Prestige

Birds of Passage had been shortlisted for the best foreign language film nomination at the 2019 Academy Awards when our campaign began. As such, we crafted our movie marketing campaign through a highly-sophisticated lens by leaning into the notoriety of the filmmakers, leveraging critical acclaim and creating “For Your Consideration” assets.


Our goal with the social marketing campaign for Birds of Passage was to position the film in the most authentic and prestigious way possible. By developing a highly-designed and consistent creative aesthetic, we were able to introduce a broad audience to the Wayúu people and tell their story in an honest way that resonated with viewers. Over the course of this campaign, we amassed 1.2M impressions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.