The Aftermath


DMM partnered with Fox Searchlight on the theatrical campaign for The Aftermath. Our comprehensive social media strategy invited audiences to be a part of the main characters’ journey as they experienced the aftermath of WWII. Through elevated social media creatives, we strategically enticed fans with intrigue, mystery, and the star power of the talented cast.



This social media campaign kicked off by showcasing the different dynamics of the characters’ relationships, focusing on the marriage between Keira Knightley and Jason Clarke’s characters, while teasing at the infidelity between Keira and Alexander Skarsgard’s characters. Once the second trailer released, we pivoted the social creatives to highlight the ultra steamy and romantic moments between Stefan and Rachel, paired with the intrigue surrounding Rachel and Louis’ tense relationship. Although this was a period piece film, we focused our social strategy on creating content that made the characters feel timeless to our audience.


Fans enjoyed the relationship between Stefan and Rachel’s characters and appreciated the social campaign’s focus on that dynamic. The Aftermath took fans through an emotional journey of ups and downs and our campaign strove to match this by showing the complications of what it means to be human and finding connections with others in the aftermath of a momentous time in history.