Creed 2


DMM partnered with Annapurna Pictures, MGM Studios, and Warner Bros. for the theatrical and home entertainment social media campaigns for Creed 2.


Theatrical Campaign

Digital Media Management entered the ring alongside Annapurna Pictures and MGM Studios as the social media creative agency tasked with creating eye-catching social assets for Creed II, a franchise we are social media experts on thanks to our experience running the official Rocky social pages. Creed II is so much more than a boxing film—it’s also about family, legacy, and finding your place in the world. With those themes in mind, we designed our creatives to showcase each key theme, resulting in engaging content that proved to be a real knockout with fans.

Home Entertainment

For the Creed II home entertainment social media campaign, we partnered with Warner Bros. to produce highly elevated social content that built on the aesthetic we created during the theatrical campaign. By further building out the Creed and Drago legacy, creating custom soundtrack videos, and diving into POV pieces from different characters, we were able to expand the world that the theatrical campaign started, making for a robust home entertainment campaign that could last all fifteen rounds with fans.