Transparent – Season 4

Implementing a social strategy that would appeal to new audiences while drawing loyal fans back to the show they love


The Pfefferman family made their return with Season 4 of Amazon Prime Video's most award-winning series, Transparent. DMM was tasked with implementing a social strategy that would appeal to new audiences while drawing loyal fans back to the show they had come to love. Our team was involved from the inception of the strategy to conceptualizing creative and executing community management.



Our team developed a social strategy that touted the show’s award wins and employed relatable content to appeal to a broader audience. To attract the attention of new consumers, we created meme-style videos presenting the family’s most quirky and dysfunctional moments, causing them to seek out more content from the show. At the same time, we sought to roll out content that would remind fans of their love for the series and encourage their return come streaming day. We did so by highlighting each character’s journey throughout past seasons while teasing new challenges their favorite characters would soon come to face in Season 4.

We always strive to stand out against the monotony of users’ feeds with our content, and this campaign was no different. Our content strategy integrated colorful mixed media pieces, ranging from captioned video to character-specific motion graphics.

We brought viewers into the family with our community management using a familiar voice and engaging with them as though they themselves were Pfeffermans.


Our campaign was successful in utilizing the humorous reality within the show to highlight the difficult, yet endearing family dysfunction, while leveraging awards buzz to draw in a wider audience. Fans loved the symbolic imagery and responded particularly well to creatives featuring storylines of fan-favorites, Maura and Shelly Pfefferman.