One Mississippi – Season 2

Designing innovative and shareable creatives to reach our target audience without paid support


Amazon Prime Video brought Tig Notaro's tragic comedy back home with Season 2 of One Mississippi. DMM was delighted to partner with the studio to share in her bold honesty once more. Our team was tasked with creating and executing the social strategy as well as designing innovative and shareable creatives to reach the desired audience without paid support.



Our team developed a social strategy that utilized Tig Notaro’s signature style of dark humor to shed light on the difficult realities of her life. We played into the audience’s affinity for Tig’s family dynamics with relatable meme-style video clips to drive consumer interest.


The clean, simplistic style of these clips appealed to our mobile-friendly audience and broke through the noise on socials with animated captions that “emoted” along with the sentiments being conveyed. Fans loved the hilarious family banter in the show so we made sure to respond to them with the same quick wit and reaction GIF responses, creating an engaged community around the show.