Lore – Season 1

Bringing Aaron Mahnke's famed podcast to life on socials


DMM partnered with Amazon Prime Video to help bring Aaron Mahnke's famed podcast, Lore, to life on socials. Our team was tasked with developing a voice for social channels and creating a strategy that would excite existing fans of the podcast while attracting new customers interested in horror and supernatural genres.



Our team developed a social strategy that centered around six terrifying tales, fantastic animation, documentary-style footage, and Aaron Mahnke’s distinct voice. Fans of the podcast were familiar with Aaron’s voice and illustrations, which we successfully maintained for the campaign of the show. We introduced new audiences to the visual world of Lore through compelling cinemagraphs that highlighted the atmosphere of each unique episode, while also diving into the show’s deeper themes of fear, history, and folklore. The content we conceptualized resonated well with viewers. Ideas surrounding Robert the Doll, a notable fan favorite, performed exceedingly well. We used fans’ fascination with Robert to our advantage, by playing up his story in our community management and integrating related content into the calendar as much as possible. Fans took notice and were both spooked and delighted as they shared their own encounters with Robert and other supernatural occurrences.

Lore also hit New York Comic-Con during its week of release to an excited fanbase both at the convention and at home. We heavily supported onsite activations on the official brand socials, actively engaging with fans, the cast, executive producers, and Aaron Mahnke to build buzz for the show. Additionally, we provided support for exclusive content debuts, such as the Museum of Lore, a terrifying new Snapchat Lens, and a show panel moderated by Kevin Smith. We kept fans active throughout NYCC weekend and launched a signed poster giveaway to maintain engagement from fans at home.

Throughout the campaign, we used our community management tactics to drive the messaging across that the scariest stories are true and could be found by watching Lore. We used official show GIFs in our interactions and continued to set fear and curiosity into the hearts of our audience.


Overall, our campaign reached its goal of creeping out fans with our rich content, heavy community management, and mysterious tone, while keeping them educated and informed of the folklore that’s rooted deep in our history.