Red Oaks – Season 3

Implementing a social strategy that embodied the creators' vision of a proper send-off for the series


DMM was excited to partner with Amazon Prime Video for the third and final season of the mature coming-of-age comedy, Red Oaks. Our team was tasked with implementing a social strategy that embodied the creators' vision of a proper send-off for the series. With that in mind, we focused on reigniting the conversation by honoring fans with a celebration of the show while also relaying that all good things come to an end.



Our team executed a social strategy that centered around the camaraderie of the series by highlighting its humor and nostalgic sentiment throughout the campaign. In order to gather buzz for the third season we rolled out episodic clips in the week leading up to launch and played up the comedic elements by releasing custom GIFs on our channels. We leveraged our audience’s affinity for major characters and fan-favorite storylines by integrating Throwback Thursday posts, polls, GIF threads, and jumping on related trending topics. Featuring popular characters and storylines served as an important tool for connecting with our viewers, and content such as Misty’s 80s tutorials proved to be effective. Lastly, we created engaging Instagram Stories and used new polling features to encourage fans to interact with our content and reminisce on their love for the series.


For a show in its final season, one ongoing challenge was keeping the conversation positive, but with our community management strategy we were able to steer the sentiment into a consistently positive light. The campaign was well received from fans and talent alike, and successfully showcased the series’ comedy and light-hearted take on relationships, growing up, and goodbyes.