DMM partnered with Fox Searchlight to forge the theatrical social media campaign for Tolkien, based on the early life of author and Oxford professor, J.R.R. Tolkien. Our social media strategy aimed to establish the film as a biopic about the man behind the epic fantasy works many know and love (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, etc.), honing in on his obsession with language and the early influences behind his writing. By showcasing three main pillars in particular - Courage, Fellowship, and Love - we kept our social creatives on each platform focused on meaningful, intimate moments and leaned into the aesthetic of the film, building assets and experiences that fans appreciated across socials.



Our main objective for the Tolkien social media campaign was to re-activate a LOTR and Tolkien-loving fanbase without alienating potential new fans, and to differentiate Tolkien as a film that showed a younger version of the famous author that fans might not be familiar with. We wanted fans to be curious about the heartwarming, dramatic tales in the real life of a young Tolkien.

We kicked off the campaign with a pronunciation moment from the film, where a young Tolkien corrects a professor about how to say his name. Fans responded with heavy engagement, and continued to respond to language-focused content as well as moments between Edith & Tolkien.


Ultimately, we crafted a creative campaign that showcased the main elements of young Tolkien’s world and his obsession with language and lore. Fans across the board responded positively, and collectively we garnered 53 million impressions and executed a cohesive social strategy that brought together new and hardcore Tolkien fans alike.

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