Wine Country


Digital Media Management was proud to partner with Netflix on the social media campaign for Amy Poehler’s feature directorial debut, Wine Country. With a legendary line-up of comedy powerhouses in front of and behind the camera, our goal with this campaign was to position it as the must-see relatable comedy of the summer. Leaning into the legacy and real-life friendship of our leads, we were able to craft an effective campaign that made fans feel like they were a part of the group.



Our key objectives for Wine Country were to highlight the authenticity of the women as individuals as well as friends, lean into the relatability of their group and create super fans by making audiences feel like “one of the girls”.

Authentic Friendship

From their early days at SNL to their real trip to Napa that inspired the film, authentic friendship has always been an integral component to the women of Wine Country and, as such, we wanted to stress that in our social campaign. Above all else, our primary goal was to emphasize that the film focused on real friendships and utilize our social campaign to make fans feel like they were a part of that friend group.


Through leveraging an authentic humor that comes with years of knowing your best friend, we were able to foster a distinct sense of relatability throughout our social campaign. By celebrating fans who related to the main characters and employing a self-referential community management style that focused on one-on-one interactions, we were able to help audiences see themselves as “one of the girls”.

Create a Super Fan

Leaning into the legacy of our cast, we set out to create super fans by tapping into the SNL fan base and completely pivoting our post launch assets to lean into fan sentiment. By creating an entirely new slate of creatives to coincide with social chatter, we were able to notably increase post engagement rates.


What resulted was a tremendously successful Twitter campaign. With the goal of positioning Wine Country in the most relatable way possible and highlighting the authentic friendships in the film, we were able to create a space where fans could feel heard and share their mutual love for the film. By allowing our fans to feel like “one of the girls,” we were able to amass over 1.7M Twitter impressions in the two-month span of this campaign.