The Hustle


Digital Media Management was excited to partner with United Artists Releasing as the social media agency for the theatrical release of The Hustle. Our goal was to create an iCONic social campaign that appealed to the film’s millennial female audience by leveraging talent as the key driver.


Our primary objective for The Hustle social media campaign was to create a cohesive look that mirrored the sophistication and style of the film that our fans would easily recognize in their feeds. Using a gold color palette and thematic transitions, we brought the glitz and glamour of the film to all of our social content.

To appeal to our heavily female audience, we emphasized the female empowerment storyline using humorous moments from the film showing Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson’s characters working together. We eventized the release as the “perfect girls’ night out” with a Facebook Event page and encouraged fans to tag their friends on our social posts throughout the campaign.

Community management was a key strategy in getting fans across all social platforms excited for The Hustle and driving that conversation. We actively replied to enthusiastic fans who were eager to see the film, and we prioritized fan generated content, especially on Instagram Stories, to make the fans feel part of the campaign.

Talent was another key focus of our social campaign, with an emphasis on Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway’s onscreen and off-screen chemistry. To take advantage of both of their large social followings, we created content for them to post on their social channels, including fun quote videos.


DMM created a successful social media campaign that showcased The Hustle’s iCONic duo while giving the campaign a cohesive look and feel. Our social campaign generated 4.5M engagements, 65M impressions and 32M in reach across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

65 M

facebook instagram twitter

facebook instagram twitter
4.5 M

facebook instagram twitter