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Digital Media Management partnered with MGM and FOX Home Entertainment as the social media agency of record for MGM’s catalog pages. Our goals are to sustain fan engagement on MGM’s most recognizable titles, such as Rocky, Pink Panther, Legally Blonde, and Child’s Play, while also creating social media content that will drive fans to purchase.



We work closely with MGM and FOX to achieve new levels of innovation by creating engaging assets surrounding big anniversaries via mash-up videos and in-world social assets, while also tapping into trending moments to feature our expansive catalog with over 120 movies.

Our primary objective with the MGM catalog is to showcase the vast number of well-known movies and utilize content from those beloved movies in fresh ways to incentivize fans to continue to follow and engage with the social pages, while also pushing to digital sales.


In 2018, we generated 213M impressions, 151.7M in reach, and 67.8M engagements across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In 2018, our Instagram grew by over 326%, while our clicks saw a phenomenal 116.2K click-throughs! These impressive numbers showcase the value in creating fresh social content for catalog films, and the power these recognizable and beloved films and franchises have when it comes to generating continual fan engagement. 


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